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In Holland we are dealing with a very serious health inspection department called the GGD. They come and give you permission to work after showing you are working according to their (very detailed) standards. Below you can find 2 websites that explain exactly how and a summary of it all below that. If you have questions about this you can always contact us or the GGD.

Professional Hygiene
Most people have to be made conscious about cross-contamination. Because it affects almost all common actions (open a door, moving the bed, holding the phone, closing a drawer, taking a mirror), bacteria can spread easily and infect others without realizing. Usually dirty or contaminated hands or contaminated gloves cause cross-contamination. During or after a tattoo, the artist should not touch anything else than the tattoo tools used for this tattoo. Everything else should be covered with some protective sheet of plastic or paper (set-up table space) or the artist has to take off his gloves before touching this (scissors, tape, paper, phone, pen, etc). we have been trained for importance of hygiene and are fully aware of cross-contamination.

Personal hygiene
The person being tattooed should not touch the tattoo nor the skin around it, and if done this, will have to wash his/her hands immediately after (not touching the waterhandles with dirty hands but with a paper towel for instance). Check for yourself how clean you are and how clean the artist is working. Since a tattoo usually takes weeks and some months to heal, you will have to be extra conscious about your own cross-contamination; don`t touch your hair and then your tattoo . Don`t touch your tattoo anyway, except for cleaning it, with clean hands. Dirty nails, especially long nails can easily cause an infection when touching it.

Aftercare sheet
After being tattooed we will first explain you how to take care of it and what to pay attention to. And we will give you an after-carepaper where all cleaning and careinformation is written down for your tattoo to heal well.
Of course we are very aware of hygiene and of cross-contamination. The shop is considered to be very responsible and serious about it. And we always try to stay openminded for new developments and new Id`s.
GDD tattoo hygiene information

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