Things you should know before getting a tattoo

If you decide to get a tattoo, it is wise to do some research first and determine what you want and in what style. The internet is a good source of inspiration for this, you can already look up images that you like. The subjects do not have to correspond to what you would like, but it is important that we get a good impression of what appeals to you in terms of style and design. 

We are a custom tattoo shop and will always create our own unique design for you, based on your input and inspiration. It is good to know that we will never copy an existing design, we always give it our own twist.

When we have made a design that you support 100%, we stick a stencil or draw it on your skin where you want the tattoo. That way you can be sure of the right size and placement.

Make sure you are well rested on the day of the tattoo, do not consume drugs or alcohol 24 hours before or during the tattoo and make sure you have eaten well beforehand. For large projects where tattooing is done for a longer period of time, it is advisable to take enough sweets with you and consume this during the session to keep your blood sugar on the arrow.

We can well imagine that you want to take someone with you on the day that you get your tattoo. Unfortunately, due to the small workspace we have to ask you to come unaccompanied.  Pets are not allowed in the shop.

Unfortunately we cannot tattoo you if you:

– are pregnant or breast-feeding

– taking antibiotics or blood thinners

– leads to an immune disease

– have skin irritation or eczema in the place where you want to be tattooed

– are under the influence of alcohol or drugs

It is of course always possible that you cannot come on the day that you have an appointment, if you let us know by telephone 48 hours in advance, we can reschedule the appointment. Appointments may be rescheduled twice, after which the deposit will be forfeited.

Age Information

Everyone over the age of 18 is welcome with us for a tattoo. Since it is not always easy to estimate someone's age, we ask you to bring your passport with you.


In the shop we always explain how you can best take care of your new tattoo. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

In general, you can follow the following guidelines:

Let the foil sit for 2-4 hours.

Then wash your hands with a mild, unscented soap and carefully remove the foil.

Wash your tattoo carefully with the same soap. Then gently pat dry with a clean towel or kitchen paper. Don’t rub, just dab.

Then use a thin layer of Bepanthen or Hustle Butter to keep the skin supple and prevent it from drying out.

We can heartily recommend these aftercare products and are for sale in the shop. Follow this routine for 10 days. The first days a few times a day, after that only in the morning and in the evening. It is common that your tattoo will peel off after a few days, some scabs may also form, which can itch. Do not pick or scratch this, make sure you keep the skin oily (but don’t apply too thick!) and leave your tattoo alone as much as possible.

Your tattoo is completely healed after 12 weeks.