Tribal, blackwork, dotwork and ornamental.


Duncan's apprentice.
Blackwork and ornamental.


Hello! My name is Anjalika

My work could be described as illustrative, minimalistic graphic / abstract but I also love to do fine line/detailed work. All bodies and designs are more than welcome!

With a background in graphic design my inspiration comes from script / fonts / comics / abstract forms and a variety of illustrations but also engraving (with a lot of fineline details) and ornamental / linocut crafts are always catching my interest.

As a tattooer I’m aiming to create a special experience, a special moment between me and my customer in a world that sometimes seems to be on automatic pilot.
That’s one of the reasons why I love to join the team!

Anjalika will be working in the shop on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.


Hi! My name is Lera and I love to decorate your skin in every possible way✨

I’m specialised in fine line, ornament and watercolour tattoo. My other passion is covering scars and old tattoos. I'd love to help you fix things.

For everyone I tattoo I create a personal and authentic design that fits your anatomy, style and mood.

My favourite subject that I like to design are all kinds of insects such as bees, beetles, butterflies, dragonflies and so on but also flowers and mandalas.

Looking forward to meeting you at Inkstitution.

Lera will be working in the shop on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


Hi my name is Sissi Tang,
My specialism is in traditional Chinese art, fine-line or east asian themed tattoos.
My heritage is Chinese and I’ve been on my journey to rediscover and bond with the ancient arts of China.
Art runs deep in my bloodline, and I’d like to continue the expression in my artwork as a tattoo artist.
Also discovering knowledge of the tattoo history of China is something that I’m passionate about, and would love to share with the audience in the Netherlands.

See you soon,